Schedule your next Scout event or campout at Josey Lodge.

We would love to have you!

Josey Lodge is currently available only to BSA & GSUSA units.

How do I sign up?

  1. Check our calendar for availability.

  2. Check the details below for how to sign up.

  3. Decide on your service project.

  4. Complete our Facility Use Request.

Amenities include

  • Large assembly hall

  • Multiple small meeting rooms

  • Numerous tables, chairs, & benches for indoor and outdoor use

  • Outdoor patio & flagpole

  • Wooded grounds

  • Fire ring

  • Swingset

  • Basketball court

  • Baseball diamond (subject to availability)

  • Ample parking

There is no charge to use Josey Lodge

  • We ask that you complete a service project benefitting Josey Lodge. You can choose from our list, or submit your own idea for approval.

  • We would appreciate a monetary donation to help defray the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

  • Be good Scouts at all times.

Scout Reservations

  1. If you have a unit Josey Scout Lodge account, click on the button above and sign in.

  2. Check for conflicts at the time you'd like to host your event.

    1. If there is one, reach out to the host to see if the conflict can be resolved. If that's possible, proceed to make your reservation. If not, please choose another date for your event..

  3. Click the Create button in the top left.

  4. Add the name of your unit, followed by what your event is. For example: "C309: Crew meeting"

  5. Select the date/time you want your event to be held.

  6. Click Add rooms or locations, which will expand.

  7. Click Add rooms and select all of the rooms you want to reserve.

  8. NEW! Want to utilize Josey Lodge's Zoom Pro account, projector, or sound system? Select them under Add Rooms -> Resources.

  9. If you want to set up a recurring meeting (like a weekly meeting):

    1. Click More options at the bottom.

    2. Near the top, change Does not repeat to your choice.

  10. Your meeting is automatically accepted if there is not someone already using that room.

Public Reservations

Josey Scout Lodge currently is not accepting reservations for our facilities from the public.

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