Outstanding Scout Award

The annual Robert A. Josey Outstanding Scout Award was established by Mr. Josey himself to recognize a Scout active in a Huntsville Scouts BSA troop who has shown outstanding leadership in school, in church, in Scouting, and in his or her community.  The award was first presented in 1934 and has been awarded almost every year since.

The recipient receives a certificate and $500 monetary award, a custom Josey Lodge jacket, his or her name engraved on a paver in the Josey Court of Honor in front of Josey Scout Lodge, and specially dedicated US and Texas flags which have flown over Josey Lodge for the past year.

In the early days of the award, the Huntsville Scouting community elected the recipient; all eligible scouts applied, and then all youth submitted their pick for the award recipient. Today's process includes an online application and written essay, certification of eligibility from the candidate's Scoutmaster, and a live interview with members of the Josey Board of Trustees.

The award is presented every year at the Robert A. Josey Banquet.

Robert A. Josey Award Recipients

1934 William Ray Lynch, Jr.

1936 Bob McAdams

1939 Perry Ball

1942 Billy Brentzel

1945 Gregg Davis

1948 Bill Turner

1951 Keith Rollo

1954 Joe E. Kirk, Jr.

1957 Harry L. Jones

1960 William K. Dabaghi

1963 Mark David Beto

1966 Doug Courtney

1974 Randall Lewis

1977 Vernon Bradford

1980 Charles Matchett

1983 Roland Ray Gilliam, III

1986 Gregory A. Hines

1989 Sam McGee

1992 Damon D. Burris

1995 Matthew A. Sproat

1998 Jordan C. Millier

2001 Kody McHenry

2004 Caleb Bishop White

2010 Stephen Rosenberger

2013 Austin P. Artho

2016 Noah Duke

2019 Benjamin Williams

2022 Benjamin A. Hendricks

1934 R. I. Bunting, Jr.

1937 Marion King

1940 Walter Hedrick, Jr.

1943 Charles Sarkis

1946 Joe Shafer

1949 Clyde Hall, Jr.

1952 Francis Hathorn

1955 John W. Morgan

1958 Charles Jones

1961 Thomas C. Cole, Jr.

1964 Thomas Rogers

1967 Randall S. Griffin

1975 Mike Brown

1978 Thomas Leeper

1981 Allen E. Branch

1984 Randy Hines

1987 Jerry C. McGee, Jr.

1990 Lee Brown Sterling, III

1993 Robert Turner O’Banion

1996 Bill Tatum

1999 Justin Turner

2002 Andrew J. Gonzales

2006 Norman (Matt) Smith

2011 Todd A. Christian

2014 James Patrick Oliver

2017 John Wesley Oberg

2020 Robert Rush

2023 Seth Brown

1935 C. A. Parkhill, Jr.

1938 Elwood Parkhill

1941 Bobby Rollo

1944 David Adickes

1947 Henry O. Crawford, Jr.

1950 Pete Thielen

1953 Cecil Crawford Murray

1956 Thomas Clark

1959 Ralph Grisham

1962 Cecil Jones

1965 Craig Wilson

1971 Fred E. Ricks, III

1976 Jon Boaz

1979 Sam Brown

1982 Steve Abbott

1985 Dustin D. Burris

1988 Gary R. Ratterree

1991 Jimmy Standefer

1994 Ryan S. Hoover

1997 Seth Boykin Bounds

2000 Nicolaus Zeisig

2003 Sam Murra

2008 Joel Daniel Rosenberger

2012 Paul Oliver

2015 Matthew Collier

2018 James Bounds

2021 William Joel Pitts