Chili Cook-off


Choose the division that's best for you...

What's the difference between ICS Sanctioned and Community Adult Divisions?

  • To enter the ICS Division, you must be registered with ICS and must follow specific rules about what your chili can contain; ICS winners earn the right to compete at the World Championship Chili Cookoff.

  • Any adults can cook in the Community Adult Division and you can make any type of chili; the winner of the Community Adult division earns an automatic entry to compete as an ICS cook at the Yellow Rose of Texas Regional on Sunday.

ICS Sanctioned

Community Adult

Community Youth

  • Age 10-17

  • Must have an adult supervisor present at all times

  • Cook any type chili

  • $30 entry fee

  • Prizes

    • 1st place: $200

    • 2nd place: $100

    • 3rd place: $50

  • Registration and payment prior to 1-15-2022 required

  • Read the rules here

  • Click here to enter Community Youth Division

No need for dishpan hands!

We will have volunteers on site to wash dishes for all competitors!

All teams are eligible to win People's Choice

$100 prize

What is People's Choice?
Everyone who enters the grounds receives a ballot to vote on their favorite chili. The chili receiving the most votes wins $100!

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