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Josey Scout Lodge facilities are currently available only to Scout units.

Event details will only be shown tomorrow for users signed into their JSL account. Otherwise, events will only show as "busy".

Josey Scout Lodge

Individual rooms must be reserved, but all rooms may be reserved together.

Assembly Hall

120 banquet-style seats, or space for 100 plus leaders


Space for 5 seats plus leaders

Parade Field

Green space in front of JSL, including Josey Court of Honor

Roosevelt Room

Space for 10 seats plus leaders

Williamson Room

(south small meeting room)

Space for 10 seats plus leaders

Fire Ring

Located behind JSL, near totem poles

Girl Scout House

When reserved together, the building has space for 32 (including leaders).


Space for 12 plus leaders


Space for 12 plus leaders


Space for 100 plus leaders

Caretaker's Cabin

Space for 10 plus leaders

Shared Resources

The projector and sound system are only available for events held at Josey Scout Lodge facilities.

Sound System

The sound system includes two speakers, stands, and the mixer.

Zoom Pro account

Josey Lodge's Zoom Pro account can support up to 100 people/call.


The projector includes everything you need to use it.

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